Day 1

I can’t believe it is finally here! For those of you tuning in for the first time – I’m Molly & I’m running across the United States.

Kicking off my run across the United States!

Over the weekend and with the help of my family, I packed up the RV and made my way to Santa Monica, California. Leading up to my kick-off date on April 1st, we had a couple of days to spare in one of my favorite areas of California. Lucky for myself and the Miles x Molly team, we were welcomed by the wonderful Wyndham Santa Monica Pier staff. If you guys haven’t had the chance to experience a stay with them – I’d highly encourage you. From the moment we arrived, we felt the support and hospitality of the entire staff. Upon entering my room, the staff had set up balloons, flowers, a welcome plate of fresh fruit, chocolate, and more! What a way to kick off the weekend! I can’t thank Wyndham Santa Monica enough for hosting my family and I and providing us with a comfortable stay that was within 100 steps from the Santa Monica Pier.

Totally refreshed and ready to hit the ground running (literally), I woke up anxious and excited to start my first day of running. Friends, Family, CAF staff and athletes gathered around the Santa Monica Pier arch around 9:30am to help send me on my way. It was so exciting to connect with Adrian Broca and Tracie Garacochea, two CAF athletes that came out not only to show their support but to join me for the first few miles. Meeting them on Day 1 gave me the boost of energy I needed to get going and also reminded me EXACTLY why I’m running across the United States.

Photo by: Whitney Kanavel

Y’all, I really want to emphasize something. This is not about me. This is about raising awareness and funds for Challenged Athletes Foundation, a non-profit that I am incredibly passionate about. I grew up playing any and every sport that I wanted to, a privilege that I no longer take for granted and am so grateful for. As I’ve become more aware of the opportunities that I had as an athlete growing up, it saddens me to think about kids and adults that don’t have those same opportunities that I did and still do. There are so many people out there that aren’t able to fulfill an athletic dream of theirs or people that can’t participate in something that brings them joy because they have physical limitations. I’m doing this for them.

I want to bring awareness to this incredible foundation who supports athletes with physical disabilities of all kinds, Challenged Athletes Foundation. So far, your support has blown me away. My original goal was to raise $30,000 over the course of this run and because of the overwhelming amount of donations thus far, I am happy to announce that I am raising the bar to $50,000. Thank you all for being so generous and PLEASE keep donating to this special foundation.

Day 1 was a hit and I can’t believe I am finally fulfilling this dream of mine to run from coast to coast. This is only the beginning and I cannot wait for the rest of this journey. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this journey, everyone who has sent me messages of encouragement, and everyone that has donated thus far – you guys are the reason this is possible for me! Little by little, you are changing the lives of adaptive athletes. Stay tuned for updates along the way. I’ve got some challenges for y’all up my sleeve…



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  1. On this Eastern Day may the Force be with you Molly…I certainly believe that the Spirit of the Good Lord is with you!

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