Day 7

Day 7

Hey y’all! I’ve made it through my first week of running. It’s taken me up to this point, but I’m only a few miles away from Arizona. This last week came with its challenges. I’ll walk you through a little bit of what the last seven days have been like. 

For one, my body is desperately trying to adjust to running 40 miles every day. With that comes swollen feet and ankles, stiff legs, and tight hips. However, my Rapid Reboot compression boots have really played a huge role in my daily recovery. Every night after I finish running I slide the boots on my legs for 30 minutes. Following that, I switch over to the hip compression attachment for another 30 minutes. In addition to using my compression boots, it is absolutely necessary that I spend some time stretching and rolling out. I’m not going to lie, having to focus on recovery after running for 8 hours is not easy. As much as I don’t want to hear my mom & Whitney pushing me to stretch and roll out after a LONG day, I know how important it is in order for me to stay on the road. 

Another challenge has been figuring out what my body needs and when it needs it. To put things into perspective for you guys, I’m burning approximately 4,000 calories per day JUST from running alone. That doesn’t include what my body burns while recovering nor does it include what my body burns naturally just from living day to day. Calorie consumption is going to play a big role in getting me through this 3-month journey. Right now, I’m eating a relatively large breakfast and dinner. Because it’s in the middle of my run, my lunch tends to be on the lighter side to keep me from running on a full belly. On top of those three meals, I also sleep with a sandwich next to me so that I can eat in the middle of the night. 

I’ve gotten into a bit of a rhythm with snacks and will have to continue listening to my body as the days go on. For now, I try to consume SOMETHING (a Clif Bar, a Wafel, an Ensure, a banana, etc) every 5 miles. Lucky for me, UltrApire has provided me with a vest that allows me to store all of my food and water while running — keeping me fueled and hydrated throughout the day. Another thing I need to make sure I’m doing is replace the salts that my body sweats out throughout the day. Pedialyte has been instrumental in replacing those necessary electrolytes.

The final challenge I’ve encountered this first week is adjusting to the desert climate. It’s been windy, dusty, and hot. My body is definitely not used to training in this type of weather so making sure I’m hydrating enough will continue to be a challenge. Because of the heat, I’ve gotten started a bit earlier the last couple of days. Saturday’s start began at 7:30am and today I started at 6:30am.

8 hours under the sun is not easy on my body, mind, or skin, but my inspiration lies with CAF. 

Through all of the difficulty that I face on this journey, the thing that keeps me going is Challenged Athletes Foundation. I ask that you guys continue to support me by continuing to support them. Please go donate! Spare your morning coffee tomorrow and send over a $5 donation right from this link! Your support keeps me going! My pain on this journey is NOTHING compared to the obstacles that Challenged Athletes face on a daily basis. 

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