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We were in and out of civilization just like that! It’s crazy how time flies when you’re on the run (literally) for 8-11 hours a day. Originally, we had planned for spending a night in a hotel every 4-6 days. However, after making it through 14 days in our RV, we’ve decided that it’s actually quite easy managing our day to day out of this space. Not only that, but we’ve mastered the art of RV Camping and have actually grown quite fond of it!

I wanna talk a little bit about our experience with RV Camping. So far, we’ve been to about 10 different RV parks on this trip and we have yet to have a negative experience (knock on wood). 

Here are the top four things we’ve discovered about RV Camping culture.

  1. You’re treated like family.
  2. Bathrooms & showers are actually VERY clean.
  3. You never run out of activities to do.
  4. Everyone is ready to lend you a helping hand

Let me go into detail with each of these.

  • You’re treated like family.

First things first, with all of the RV parks we’ve visited so far, we’ve been greeted with a smile and a very warm welcome. People talk with you like they’ve known you their whole life. I don’t know if they’re just happy to have new company or if they really just love people, but I always feel at home right when we get settled into our new location. 

  • Bathrooms and showers are actually VERY clean.

At the start of our trip, we would take turns showering in our RV. Turns out, all of the places we’ve stayed so far have sparkling clean showers and spacious bathrooms. I don’t know why, but I expected them to be pretty icky until one day I decided to just check them out and they were cleaner (and way bigger) than the RV shower we were using. Haven’t turned back since. I actually look forward to spreading out and taking my time in the shower.

  • You never run out of activities to do.

Every place we’ve stayed at so far has daily and/or weekly activities. For example, some of the last few places we stayed at had bingo nights, Saturday breakfasts, scheduled morning walks, poker nights, potlucks, popcorn and movie nights, and more. On top of that, there are typically swimming pools and game rooms. Yeah, we may be in the middle of nowhere, but we definitely never run out of things we can do (not that I have time, but it’s the idea that counts). 

  • Everyone is ready to lend you a helping hand.

From the moment we arrive, to the moment we leave, people are there to help us find our spot, offer us help with plugging in our electrical or water, answering questions about the amenities on site, and more. For example, we were talking to a guy who had been at one of the parks for a couple of weeks and we mentioned that we didn’t have enough quarters for the washing machine – without expecting anything, we had a woman pull up to our door in her golf cart 10 minutes later telling us that someone (that guy) had told her that we needed quarters. She offered to go down the block and exchange some cash for quarters. No questions asked, she just wanted to help. Situations like this have been non-stop everywhere we’ve been…I love the vibe! 

I definitely had a stigma going into this trip about the reputation of RV parks – and I’m sure that reputation is valid in some places, but so far what we’ve experienced has been awesome. Honestly, staying in our little contained space makes life so much simpler. Believe it or not, it’s way more convenient and comfortable than hopping around from hotel to hotel and lugging things in and out of the RV. 

While we’ve stayed at a couple great hotels that have also treated us amazingly, I don’t see many hotel stays in our future! (Not sure how Mom & Whitney…and Mayer feel about that). 



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