Step Into My Shoes

Okay, a lot of you have been asking me about what it’s like living in the RV. Here’s a quick look into a typical day on the road.

*I’m saying Whitney in here because she is the one with us most of the time. But our visitors have taken up the same role as Whit while she’s been away.

Wake up call. Most days, the whole RV is up anywhere between 4:30am and 6:30am – it really depends on the weather for that day. On days that are 80 degrees and above, I’ll get started a bit earlier. Once I’m up, my priority is to get some food in my stomach and waking up my body by rolling out and stretching. I’ve been eating about 2 bowls of cereal, a bagel with cream cheese, an egg with sausage, and ½ a banana every morning. Yes, I’m aware…it’s a lot of food. During this time, my mom gets ready and Whitney is usually still sleeping which works out nicely because it keeps the RV from being too crowded to maneuver.

30 minutes prior to take off. Whitney gets up around this time and I’m usually getting changed into my running attire thinking about what snacks I want for the first part of the day. I eat a snack every 5 miles and will pack 2 at a time. Mom is preparing my waters and snacks.

Drop off. Wherever I left off the day before, I get dropped off. Whitney and I both drop a pin in our maps so there isn’t any room for error. When I get dropped off, I’ll tell my mom and Whitney what distance I plan on running before I need my first break. Lately, I’ve been running 20 miles before I meet up with the RV for some real food (something like turkey or ham sandwich, chips, avocado). When I leave the RV is when Whitney & my mom officially get going with their day.

Waiting period. Usually, the first leg of the day I’ll be running for about 4 hours. During this period, Mom & Whitney clean up the RV, do the dishes, feed Mayer, make coffee & tea, check their emails, and begin to map out an estimated end destination for that day. In between leap frogging up the road with me, they’ll prepare my lunch and document everything I’ve eaten that day so far. The last few days I’ve had a half of a turkey and avocado sandwich, some cheese, salami, and wheat thins, lots of Cheetos, ruffles, and my amino acid drink.

Lunch time. Aside from eating, this is where I get my biggest chunk of rest time in. I only try to spend about 15-20 minutes in the RV or else I’ll get too tired and not want to leave. My mom will roll out my quads, my hamstrings, and my calves if I need it that day. I’ll typically put an iced down bandana around my neck before heading back out to help keep me cool and protect me from the sun. I’ll throw on more zinc and then, I’m back on the road again.

Waiting period part 2. Now that I’m on my own again for another 10-15 miles, Whitney & my mom are cleaning up from lunch, filling up my bottles and getting them nice and cold for the next meet up and (hopefully) eating something for themselves. This is also usually where they’ll call around to different campsites and figure out where we’re going to stay that night. At this point, they have a better estimate of what city we’ll be in for the night so they try to pick the closest one with the best rating (or somewhere near a lake/river). During this time they continue to leap frog up the road with me in case I need anything at any time. During this part of the day, Whitney sometimes take photos with her camera or the drone as I pass the RV by. If we’re in a spot that has one, Whitney navigates the car to a dog park so that Mayer has a chance to run around and mom has a chance to get away from being in the driver’s seat!

Break. Now that the majority of the running has been completed. I stop back at the car to refuel and restock my snacks. As always, whenever I come back to the car my mom & Whitney are making sure I’m eating (even when I don’t want to) and stretching or rolling out…AND reapplying sunscreen and taking Advil if needed.

Last few miles. This part of the day I’m feeling my most tired. Therefore, mom stays really close to me in case I need to jump in for a quick bathroom break, a quick snack, or a refill on my water. Whitney will join me for the last 5-7 miles on most days and it’s nice to have some company after being alone all day.

DONE RUNNING. When I finish the day, I’m greeted with a delicious glass of chocolate milk and my BCAAs. I’ll take off my sweaty clothes (taking off the sports bra is the best) and change into something dry. I’ll also wipe down my face & body with baby wipes to get some of the dirt, sunscreen, and sweat off. Then, I’ll stick my feet into a cooler full of ice and water for 20 minutes as my mom drives us to pick up some dinner and then to wherever we sleep for the night (hopefully it’s not more than a 10-minute drive but it’s gotten up to an hour drive at one point).

Arriving at the RV Camp. Once we arrive where we’re staying, mom hops out of the car and checks us in and Whit navigates us to our parking spot for the night. Once we’re parked, mom & Whit handle taking Mayer out, plugging in the RV to the electricity and water, and making / figuring out what we’re going to do for dinner IF we haven’t picked it up already. We typically will order food to go, but some towns don’t have restaurants so mom will make us something – our go to is spaghetti. Also during this time, it’s my job to make sure I’m rolling out or jumping in the shower. After I do both of those, I hop in my Rapid Reboot and for my hips and legs and finish the evening with a deep tissue massage from mom and/or Whit – this sounds relaxing but it’s not at all. It hurts. BUT I’ve noticed a huge difference, I’m not really that sore when I wake up in the mornings. About 3 times a week, I’ll do an Epsom salt bath for my feet.

Evening. Ultimate chill time. For about…10 minutes. Once the recovery is done, I’m exhausted and need to get my rest for the night. I’ll climb into bed and pretty much fall asleep right away. This is where Whitney & my mom get time off from “work” haha! Usually, my mom & Whitney will shower, clean up dinner, reorganize anything that got messed up in our storage area, and get ready for bed.

Then…I fall asleep and wake up and do it all over again!

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