9 DAYS LEFT! That calls for a GIVEAWAY.

Hey y’all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated my website. But, guess what? I officially have 9 days left of running! It’s hard to believe that I’m down to single digits, but here I am at the end of my time in Pennsylvania, ready to take on my last two states – New Jersey & New York.

This will be a short update because I mainly want to tell y’all about today’s GIVEAWAY. Because there are only 9 days left, I’m challenging you to donate $9 to Challenged Athletes Foundation…TODAY. Obviously, the more the merrier, as I’m at 68% of my goal, but donating at least $9 TODAY will get you entered into a drawing to win not one but four shot glasses with the Miles by Molly logo on them! Who doesn’t love free stuff!? I know I do.

Just to make things easy on you, the link to donate is right HERE: http://support.challengedathletes.org/site/TR?px=1264227&fr_id=1380&pg=personal

Now, before I go, I want to inform you guys that the majority, if not all, of the remainder of my updates will come from my Instagram, @mollycuevas . I know that some of you don’t have Instagram accounts – however, because my profile is public, anybody with or without an account can view my posts and stay up to date with me on a daily basis. Click @mollycuevas to be directed to my Instagram account.

Stay tuned on Instagram for more giveaways, updates, and excitement as I take on my last 9 days of this run across the United States!

Thank you for continuing to support me by supporting Challenged Athletes Foundation — now let’s get to 100% of my goal!

9 DAYS Y’ALL!!!!

Cheers, Molly

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