I am a 24 year old, California native, with a passion for sports, adventure, family, and helping others- in no specific order 🙂

I grew up outside playing basically every sport, whether it was out front in the street or in an organized league. Starting at age seven, my goal was to become a collegiate athlete and I’m proud to say I made it happen! I decided to play field hockey in college, where I had a very successful career on and off the field. I was a three time All-American,  four time Academic All-American, captain, broke nearly every record the field hockey program had, and set some new ones of my own.

As you can see, sports have been a huge part of my life and have made me the hard-working, self-assured, go-getter person I am today. I was fortunate enough to be born with full physical capabilities, and to be frank I took it for granted up until a few years ago. Sports create a sense of confidence, community, inclusion, and empowerment. I believe everyone deserves a chance to participate in such meaningful experiences.

Now, I am challenging myself by running across the country (CA to NY) to help raise funds and awareness for those who challenge themselves every day at Challenged Athletes Foundation. I want to use my God-given athletic ability to help others get and find theirs. This 3,000 mile journey is going to be my biggest challenge yet…and that’s the point! My intention is to spread awareness, promote inclusion, and unite people along the way.

Thank you for following my journey ❤️

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