9 DAYS LEFT! That calls for a GIVEAWAY.

Hey y’all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated my website. But, guess what? I officially have 9 days left of running! It’s hard to believe that I’m down to single digits, but here I am at the end of my time in Pennsylvania, ready to take on my last two states – New Jersey & New York.

This will be a short update because I mainly want to tell y’all about today’s GIVEAWAY. Because there are only 9 days left, I’m challenging you to donate $9 to Challenged Athletes Foundation…TODAY. Obviously, the more the merrier, as I’m at 68% of my goal, but donating at least $9 TODAY will get you entered into a drawing to win not one but four shot glasses with the Miles by Molly logo on them! Who doesn’t love free stuff!? I know I do.

Just to make things easy on you, the link to donate is right HERE:

Now, before I go, I want to inform you guys that the majority, if not all, of the remainder of my updates will come from my Instagram, @mollycuevas . I know that some of you don’t have Instagram accounts – however, because my profile is public, anybody with or without an account can view my posts and stay up to date with me on a daily basis. Click @mollycuevas to be directed to my Instagram account.

Stay tuned on Instagram for more giveaways, updates, and excitement as I take on my last 9 days of this run across the United States!

Thank you for continuing to support me by supporting Challenged Athletes Foundation — now let’s get to 100% of my goal!

9 DAYS Y’ALL!!!!

Cheers, Molly

Step Into My Shoes

Okay, a lot of you have been asking me about what it’s like living in the RV. Here’s a quick look into a typical day on the road.

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RV Culture & Vibes

We were in and out of civilization just like that! It’s crazy how time flies when you’re on the run (literally) for 8-11 hours a day. Originally, we had planned for spending a night in a hotel every 4-6 days. However, after making it through 14 days in our RV, we’ve decided that it’s actually quite easy managing our day to day out of this space. Not only that, but we’ve mastered the art of RV Camping and have actually grown quite fond of it!

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Day 7

Day 7

Hey y’all! I’ve made it through my first week of running. It’s taken me up to this point, but I’m only a few miles away from Arizona. This last week came with its challenges. I’ll walk you through a little bit of what the last seven days have been like. 

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Day 1

I can’t believe it is finally here! For those of you tuning in for the first time – I’m Molly & I’m running across the United States.

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+/- 3,000 miles…am I crazy?

First blog post ever!! I’ve never had my writing out in the open, but I am excited to share my journey with y’all every step of the way (pun intended).

Just some thoughts…

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