A Comprehensive Guide To Manage And Control Your Network With PRTG

Paessler is the company behind PRTG Network Monitor. They are located in Germany and have been in the industry for over 20 years. There is a free trial version of this software, a subscription option, or a plain licensing option. They have varying levels of service; the most popular is the subscription plan as it offers unlimited servers and more possibilities in general.

PRTG Network Monitor comes with some built-in APIs and other technologies that allow for personalization. Push notifications, scheduling, and alarms to warn of potential threats or outages are a few of these features. PRTG Network Monitor also supports a variety of user interfaces including apps for Android and iOS. More impressively, you can use these interfaces simultaneously and all are SSL-secured both locally and remotely.

The user interface and consideration for the design of this program are impressive. The dashboard is customizable and can map 300 different objects easily viewed by the administrator. Administrators and users can share the map privately, on a LAN connection, or even with a unique URL for users outside the company. There is a lot of data involved in bandwidth and network management, knowing how to analyze and export that data is an essential task. This program makes it easy with historical monitoring and exports to either PDF, HTML, XML, or CSV files. These reports can be scheduled and archived with ease. Being an administrator is a huge task, and there are many things to monitor.

PRTG Network Monitor allows the administrator to see cloud services, network traffic, LAN data for analytics, an active directory, any packet loss, and even the environment of the network in real-time. Some basic features are often overlooked in programs like this. PRTG Network Monitor provides IP address monitoring, inventory management, configuration management, capacity management, data visualizations, data storage, activity tracking, and access to permissions and controls. This program also makes maintenance a breeze by allowing it to be scheduled automatically. There is an entire suite of software offered by PRTG, but the Network monitor is able to tackle most of the needs of an administrator.

Customer support is another feature that PRTG Network Monitor offers in abundance. There is a blog, a knowledge base, a manual and a link to online support available 24/7 on the main website. PRTG also offers live online chats, in-person training, webinars, documents, and videos to help administrators get the most out of the program. While it currently is unavailable on Mac and Linux, the company has announced plans for these platforms in 2022.

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