An In-Depth Look At Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe is ahead of its peers in many ways and with many programs. Dreamweaver is Adobe’s web design tool. Adobe Dreamweaver allows users to design beautiful and responsive websites without having to know any CSS or HTML coding. As the user designs their dream website, the program creates the code automatically. This is a great way for many people to learn how coding works and understand how to make adjustments to get the design they want.

Dreamweaver has been a popular design tool since the early 2000s. Many students learn how to use this program first because it is very intuitive and has a great user interface. Dreamweaver is part of the “Creative Cloud” package that Adobe offers. This means you have access to Adobe fonts and Adobe stock images as well as the other apps within the plan. It is possible to buy Dreamweaver on its own, but the “Creative Cloud” is bundled nicely with a lot of cooperating apps that make web design faster and more enjoyable.

Dreamweaver runs natively on Apple computers that have the M1 Chip. You can download a PC version and a viewer version for mobile and Chrome OS. Dreamweaver supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other coding languages. Adobe has a lot of advantages with its software simply because it has been around longer than most and has an enormous library of tutorials, resources, and users to assist with any issue that may come up for a user.

One feature that users requested and love is the split-screen feature. This feature allows the user to see both the live and current edits of your site side by side. Dreamweaver also provides templates for users, this is helpful to users that make many sites, or do not know exactly what the design should be for their project. Adobe offers 24/7 customer support and has a large subscriber base to answer general questions. Adobe is also compatible with many widgets and tools that integrate into web design smoothly.

Dreamweaver may feel overwhelming to the new designer at first, it is a professional tool. Given some time and access to tutorials and advice, even a novice can learn to build amazing websites with Dreamweaver. Webdesign files can be large, so it can be noted that while working in Dreamweaver a user may experience some lag in performance. The program is stable and very powerful. It is a work in progress that started more than two decades ago. Adobe is continually updating and adding or correcting features.

Dreamweaver also plays well with a Git repository. This is especially helpful to those working in teams. Git allows collaborators to stay aware of any changes to the design. Dreamweaver offers a seven-day free trial, which is hardly enough time to explore this mammoth program. After the trial, you have to decide what plan you’d like to subscribe to. There are package plans, individual plans, plans with cloud storage, annual plans, and monthly plans. Other web design programs are cheaper and arguably easier to learn and use. Dreamweaver remains a favorite for long-time designers and students as well.

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