Google Keep Review: The Most Useful App You Aren’t Using

Yet another handy tool that is great at jotting down random and important notes when the bulb goes off in your mind! This cloud-based note-taking app integrates with Google Drive and Docs, and you can use it in the same way as post-it notes. However, it has comparatively fewer features than other apps mentioned on this list because it’s considered a ‘handy’ tool.

Let’s start with the basic features of Google Keep. The software doesn’t restrict you in terms of the number of notes, you can create as many notes as you like! Nevertheless, there is a limitation of 20,000 characters in each note. You can add labels to organize your notes according to your preferences. This note-taking app is available free of charge. 

Google Keep’s UI is simple and arranged in an organized layout. The center window shows all the notes in a tile format by default, which can be changed into a list display as well. The hamburger menu enables you to switch between reminders and notes, create a new note, navigate to a specific label, or view deleted or archived notes. The app doesn’t support rich-text formatting options, but you can format your text through labels, color coding, and adding reminders to simplify the organization of notes. 

Since the app is tied with your Google account, it syncs your notes with any device where you sign in with your Google credentials. When it comes to taking notes, Google Keep simplifies it by allowing you to do it via typing, text, voice recording, or even picture. If you want to compile your notes with multiple elements, you can do that too! Saving a combination of text, drawing, tick box, and voice memo is a possibility with Google Keep. Say, you want to save a recipe – you can add the picture at the top and a checklist of ingredients at the bottom. Easy! 

Since it is a Google native app, you can take the advantage of integration with Google Docs and sync your notes, change its formatting, and modify it as you see fit but it won’t be a note anymore. You can even use Google’s OCR (optical character recognition) to extricate text from images and other clipped sources. You can also leverage Google’s speech recognition by dictating notes and letting Google Keep transcribing them. 

If you are making a checklist for a trip or vacation, you can even share it with other people and allow them to add items to the list, so you don’t forget that moisturizer or shampoo when you go out! One of the characteristics of Google Keep is that it allows you to set reminders based on time, date, or location. So, if you want your grocery list to pop up when you are near a superstore, set up this reminder and you won’t ever be out of groceries! 

Even though Google Keep lacks some of the advanced features present in other note-taking apps, it is still a convenient tool for taking notes on the go and keeping all your reminders in one place to access them via any device. 

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