The New Opera Web Browser Review

Opera is a fast and innovative alternative to the leading players in search engine software. It balances functionality and productivity with security and speed.  

Both built on Google’s open-source engine, Chromium, Opera has a similar look and feel to Chrome, making it a fresh, highly functional, and user-friendly search engine. However, their built-in features differ. While Chrome relies heavily on personalised and customisable extensions, Opera has some simple yet well thought out features built into it, as follows; 

Highly Customizable User Interface

With their ‘Workspaces’ feature, Opera users can more efficiently browse and keep webpages organized with color coding and tab customization according to your current search subject. You can easily send tabs to different workspaces, switch your contexts, themes, and colors.  

One of the main advantages of Opera is that it’s both a mobile and a desktop browser. This means you can take your bookmarks, extensions, and saved passwords with you while moving between mobile and desktop devices. With Opera you can also customize your news panel and create a crypto wallet. 

Opera also allows you to save different browser configurations for different websites, which is great if you don’t like the way a website is shown. This also makes it easier to switch from one configuration to another when browsing multiple sites. 

In addition to letting users tweak its appearance, Opera lets them adjust its features as well. However, this might not always be enough for power users who want more control over their web experience. For these people, Opera also supports user scripts that can do just about anything from controlling ads on websites to automating actions on certain 


Primarily, Opera is unique in its integrated sidebar options with both Instagram and Twitter. Right from your browser, you can be using these two social media platforms. Messaging apps can also be integrated into your browser, meaning users don’t have to switch apps. 

Opera Flow is a temporary file-sharing space where users can instantly send files, web pages, or notes between devices. The Opera bookmarking option does not require any accounts of log-ins and can be done from a QR code, and you can create a personalised space for easy file sharing and search sharing. All information is encrypted.  

Secure and Private

Perhaps its most admired feature, Opera has a built-in VPN service that secures your connection and hides your locations. This makes it a highly secure searching choice. Opera also has a built-in ad blocker that makes browsing more enjoyable, private, and faster.  

Opera is a browser that has been around for many years. Unlike other browsers, it stands out because of its user interface and great features. If you are looking for an alternative to Google’s Chrome browser, this is a great choice! 

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